The struggle to pick just one bkr bottle was so real that I ended up buying two… Just two? I know! At some point, I plan on adding the below beauties to my humble collection : #ShamelessGreed : I guess it gets the better of you every now and then. How pretty are these colors though!





Enough about what’s on my wishlist. Here’s the ones I’m lucky enough to have.



The fashionable water bottles, pronounced ‘beaker,’ started popping up all over my insta feed, but ALL abroad. I held back all temptation to buy a few online and have them shipped to Dubai. We’re usually last on the list for new product launches etc… Surprisingly I found them at my local nail salon, The Nail Spa, and soon after at Virgin Megastore too!

The brand was co-founded by two pretty powerful women, Tal and Kate, both young lawyers and best friends. To put it lightly, they were tired of drinking out of toxic plastic bottles and wished for a H2O fix that was hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. They both left the legal world and turned their idea into an empire. A brand always gets more of my respect when there’s a strong social cause behind it. Not to mention, two badass female entrepreneurs leading the way – #GirlBoss x

Even though I’ve featured my bkr’s amongst my fitness gear, I use them interchangeably. Work & Play!

The first one I bought was Pout in 500ml, which is a gorgeous blush color. I went back a week later and picked up my second one, London, also in 500ml, which is a light grey color. I’ve become quite attached to both – #bkrgirl x




Why I choose bkr:

water tastes better in a glass
BPA-free, phthalate-free : these are the toxic chemicals in plastic bottles
small opening for no-spill sipping
perfect no-leak seal
fits most cup holders
dishwasher safe
100% adorable + addictive

Thanks for reading!

Pictures are my own. Taken with my Canon 100D & Canon 70D | 10-18mm + 18-55mm

Anita x