If you’re ever looking for a statement fragrance that’s a little masculine & androgynous, then you might just love RIMA XI from Carner Barcelona. Please keep in mind though, that I’m usually against unisex fragrances. I’ve never been a believer in what smells good on a woman, will smell good on a man. Maybe I’m just too much of a feminist to entertain this thought. However, RIMA XI has changed my view on this completely.

I love this perfume!


This niche Spanish brand is sold exclusively at Paris Gallery and was introduced to me by the PG team a few years ago. I was a TV Presenter and Reporter at the time and I was invited to interview the Founder & Creative Director, Sara Carner.  She was in Dubai for a week and debuting her fragrance collection to local media. Luckily, I was one of them.

Sara had such a warm and friendly aura and her cute Spanish accent was so inviting. Camera’s were rolling and we got chatting about her brand. Carner told me how she comes from a very hardworking entrepreneurial family. Her great grandfather started a leather business in the 19th century and as a child she was surrounded by the smell of tanned leather and wood barrels – scents that are so universal, personal and relatable.


Little did Carner know that these very distinct scents were going to be her inspiration later on in life. She’s quite unapologetic about her perfume collection. I remember her telling me that she doesn’t create scents based on specific markets and the demands that follow, but rather staying true to what resonates with her most. The emotions, memories and experiences of her beloved Barcelona upbringing. Bottle that all up, and you get some of her best sellers: TARDES, D600, Cuirs, Rima XI and El Born.


Carner called on some ‘fume head’ pros to help her out with the formulation.

Givaudan, the international fragrance manufacturer, was one of them!

This perfume makes me feel bold, confident and sexy. The smooth leathery woody tones gives me a little bit of an adventurous edge. It’s a fragrance that can be worn both day and night.

01-carner-barcelonaThanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite Carner Barcelona fragrance is …

Pictures are my own. Taken with my Canon 100D & Canon 70D | 10-18mm + 18-55mm

Anita x