Long before launching my blog, I always knew that I wanted a dedicated CARS section. A category where I can feature all my favorite sports cars within Dubai. It started off as a very vague idea, but with a somewhat structured framework and an appealing mood board.

If you’re from Dubai or you’ve visited before, you are well aware of the countless Bugatti Veyron’s, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Porsches and other beauties on our roads. It’s an endless stream of motoring eye candy that I just can’t resist. Once you get to know me, you’ll soon find out that I’ve got very expensive taste in a range of different things. Materialistic, no. Idealistic, yes. I appreciate the craftsmanship behind cars and the very detail oriented approach to each unit. I gravitate toward anything that is skillfully designed, that is visually appealing and that is very smart & intuitive. Cars, People, Gadgets, Home Decor, Food, Clothes etc… I’m quite specific with my taste. I blame the perfectionist in me!

Take a look at my carefully curated wishlist x

Mercedes Benz

For month’s now, I’ve been missing out on awesome test-drives in the UAE. For example, I had to painfully watch from the sidelines as the latest Maserati Levante 4×4 was taken off road by local media. This is just one of the many opportunities I’ve missed out on. Or even racing ’round Abu Dhabi’s F1 Yas Marina circuit in a sporty Mercedes-AMG GTS. This all sounds magical to me and these are the types of events that I would RSVP YES to in a heartbeat.

So, having said that… what’s the plan for 2017 then?


And fellow bloggers and people of the internet, this is me thinking out loud. I really want to be as transparent as I possibly can with not only my blog posts, but with everything I put online. As the quote goes, ‘I’ve got a thing for genuine people’ – And… in order for me to attract such folk and have them follow suit, I’ve gotta set the example first. Cheers to 2017 x