Every time I reach for my Chloé Love EDP, I can’t help but sing Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E song … Much like his best selling record, that’s timeless, romantic and so effortlessly classic, is how I explain this beauty too. Whether it’s bags, clothing, shoes or fragrances , Chloé is the epitome of class and elegance.  If you’ve read a couple of my other blog posts, you’ll know that I went to an all girls’ high school in Cape Town, South Africa – my closest girlfriends and I were advocates of all things Girl Power!

One bestie in particular, Kelly, was and still is my biggest supporter, both personally and professionally. Her and I would always say we’ll grow up to become ‘independent successful business women’ – and in our own right, we sorta have! If our daily mantra, that we believed so strongly in would have a smell, it would be Chloé Love.



… And I guess this is what it would smell like:



If you ask me to describe this scent in three words: Classy, Sophisticated, Elegant. The scent reminds me of baby powder, fresh laundry and a bouquet of white roses. You can’t possibly go wrong with that combination! I usually wear this perfume for meetings, events and travelling. Some say it’s too strong for a daytime fragrance, and yet too graceful for the night. I believe that any woman can carry this scent off if she’s confident enough. You’ve gotta walk tall and with conviction. There’s this quote on my inspire page, one sec, I’ll post it here:

Chloé Love Quote… #NoPressure – it’s one of those confidence boosters that I work on every so often …



The sense of smell is powerful and often evokes very specific memories. Well, for Chloé Love, I wore it while on holiday in Paris. I remember walking the streets of Le Marais and falling in love with the care-free culture and easy going Parisian lifestyle. Sailing along The Seine to The Eiffel Tower and ending the day off with a latte and a few macaroons. Good times x


Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite Chloé fragrance is …

Pictures are my own. Taken with my Canon 100D & Canon 70D | 10-18mm + 18-55mm

Anita x