Out of my entire collection, Alien by Thierry Mugler probably draws the most attention and I ain’t mad. I love hearing the, “wow, you smell great, what are you wearing?” line, it just further confirms that I’ve got great taste in fragrance – haha!

Attention and compliments are always lovely, and I too am in awe of the composition of Alien. Whenever I wear this scent, I feel like an extraterrestrial alpha female that has graced Earth with my presence. It’s captivating, bold and so alluring.

Not that you mere mortals would know, but if ‘superiority’ had a smell, this would be it. Excuse my sarcasm!

THIERRY MUGLER ALIEN Alien has been one of my go to favorites for the longest time, even though Thierry and I didn’t have a very good start …


My first encounter with Thierry Mugler, was probably in High School back in 2004, I wore Mugler’s very first perfume, Angel, for a good couple of months. Unfortunately, I got so sick of it and moved onto something else. I found it way too sweet, cinnamony and complex – a very busy and distracting fragrance for my 16-year-old self at the time.

Over a decade and some later, Thierry and I have mended our relationship significantly and hand on my heart, I’ll never stop wearing Alien. The loyalty is real ya’ll. Without sounding too dramatic, it’s had and still has an empowering impact on me, my lifestyle, personality and overall drive. For sure, the Jasmine notes in here are a contributing factor to how it makes me feel – instant boost of positivity with a calm / zen-like aura.


If you didn’t know – Alien by Thierry Mugler doubles as an eco-refill perfume too. I find this concept genius. I’ve had the exact same bottle for around 5 years now and whenever it’s close to becoming a useless empty, I pop in at my local beauty store and get my 60ml refilled. #HappyDays … I would hate to throw away this beautiful bottle.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite Thierry Mugler fragrance is …

Pictures are my own. Taken with my Canon 100D & Canon 70D | 10-18mm + 18-55mm

Anita x