work-travelThere’s always so much talk of the fiercely desired work, play balance. I think it’s absolute BS – I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with a clean cut 50/50 … Maybe close to it, yes. But if you ask them, they’ll tell you that it may seem as though they’ve got their lives together or that they’ve figured out the art of adulting, but in all honesty, they’ll admit to it being all but a beautiful mess of contradiction.

Working while on holiday is never ideal, but the reality of life, is that none of us truly switch off from the outside world. I’ve seen several digital detox attempts by popular YouTubers & Influencers alike and they’ve all returned somewhat gleefully cleansed. However… It didn’t take them too long to return to their old insta scrolling ways. Right, let’s not drift. The point of this section is for me to show you how I incorporate work within my travels. I never leave the country without my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod and trusty DSLR camera. Being a freelancer, I love working out of entrepreneur hubs that serve good coffee, have untapped wifi and chilled hospitable staff that won’t bother you to order your next course …. While travelling, you should never feel isolated or alone, so working out of hubs is a great way to get a glimpse of city culture, see the dynamics of the working class within the city you’re in …. Don’t stay cooped up in your room, get out there!

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play-travelI haven’t decided what kind of traveler I am yet. Although, I definitely know what I enjoy getting up to and what I avoid at all costs. Looking back at the countries I’ve visited and the ones on my list, I can say that I like to switch it up. I’m quite the curious cat, so I’m always up for new experiences. As a Dubai resident, I’m already exposed to a fast-paced business driven lifestyle, so, for a holiday, I look for something other than the norm. Somewhere I can slow things down and live off the grid for a week or two.

The more I travel, the more I learn that I’m not too interested in commercially driven activities or as I like to call it, tourist traps, things like boring bus tours, regimented trips to museums, sightseeing excursions of the city etc…  I’m more keen on spending time with a local family, immersing myself in their culture, food and language. As the popular saying goes, “Not all classrooms have four walls” – I signed up to The University of Life a long time ago.

Within the PLAY section of TRAVEL, I plan on sharing my itinerary. Give you a heads up on what I have planned, and also document the things which pop up unexpectedly – those sometimes end up being the most memorable moments.

play - travel

sleep-travelThis section is pretty self explanatory… I’ll be talking all things accommodation. From 5 star luxury hotel stays to contemporary airbnb escapes. Something that always makes my travels even more memorable, are the people that I get to meet while on holiday, including the staff that go out of their way to welcome you and get you settled in. Expect a few profile features!

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eat-travelIf I could eat out morning, afternoon and night, I would : wining & dining is one of my most favorite things ever. My waistline doesn’t seem to think so!? I won’t become the ultimate ‘food blogger’, telling you how to get dough to rise, instead, I’ll be taking you with me to all the different restaurants and lounges I visit. Trendy spots that have good food, great music and stylish decor.

eat - travel

drink-travelAlcoholic, Non-Alcoholic – I drink it all. And that’s as deep as it’s gonna get!
No, honestly, a topic I’ll be featuring quite often within this section is cocktail and mixology masterclasses. I’m on a mission to figure out how to create all my favorite drinks. I’ll have to call on some experts for this.

drink - travel

Before signing off, I really want to give credit to the talented Cape Town based photographer, Tegan Smith, you can check her out here: – I’ll definitely be partnering up with Tegan again, along with other creatives around the world. Exciting!

Speak to you soon!

Anita x